Company Values and Principles

1.Profession in chemicals, services, process and organization

Specific work is done by specialist. Boroncore LLC People, the cornerstone of Boroncore LLC's success, are of the best team with professional competencies in chemicals, economics, marketing, business administration and information processing. We value our diversity as a source of strength, and we are proud of treating people with respect and dignity. We work together, frequently transcending organizational and interpersonal boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Professional employees, good division and team cooperation make our products and services the highest quality. Passion is relentless for Quality in everything we do. We are Experts.

2.Innovation for sustainable profitable performance

Innovation supports Boroncore LLC's goals, creating added value in the interest of customers, shareholders and employees and being responsible for the society.

Our business processes are oriented towards sustainable profitable performance and competitiveness. With innovational thought and action, we jointly discover business opportunities arising from changes in markets, science and society and enhance value growth; measure customer satisfaction constantly, deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers; develop and optimize our products and services to keep it on a high scientific and technical level.

3.Responsibility for safety, health, environment and society

Sustainable Development is the fundamental requirement for our activities. Safety and health issues and environment protection take the priority over economic consideration.

Though production, research, storage, distribution, sale and use, we demand a high level of awareness of safety, health and environment issues and minimize the impact of mankind and environment. We provide products with a batch-specific Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet and support the efforts of our customers and suppliers in the safe and environmentally sound handling of the products.


We demand of ourselves the highest ethical standards. We act in accordance with our words and comply with laws and rules. Our products and processes will be of the highest quality.

Boroncore LLC abstain from any practice that is illegal and violates fair trade and place company interests ahead of any personal interests in any business transaction. We protect Boroncore LLC's property against any abuse and misuse.